Weekend Recap in Instagram

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! We spent some quality time with family and, of course, there was some Arrested Development thrown in the mix. Here is my weekend summed up in pictures.

Rainy day snuggles with the bear.
Making frozen bananas for an Arrested Development party.
I dressed as Lucille for the AD party!
Checked out the local bar in Dripping Springs.
Checking out the new neighborhood.
Eating lots of delicious triple berry pie made by a thoughtful friend!


An Update...

I know, it's been awhile. But since I know y'all are interested, here is a totally random update of what has been going on in my life.

  • I finished my 40 miles in 30 days on the 30th day!! 
  • Eating healthy isn't as easy as one would think. Today I ate not one, but TWO brownies for breakfast!
  • Last week I got to visit my brother and his family in KY. It was sooo much fun seeing them.
  • We visited J's parents in Houston for the last time before they moved. It was sad saying goodbye to J's childhood home.
  • We also helped J's parents move into their new house right outside of town. It will be great to have them so close!
  • We have finally gotten past those last few cool days and I am ready for some fun in the sun! With lots of SPF, of course!
  • I discovered Chips Ahoy with Reese's... if only I could eat gluten. They look digustingly, delicious!
  •   We have become those pet parents. We are now brushing Gracie's teeth every night. Because her tooth health is important too!